Episode 13: Permission to Discover and Use Your Charisms

On today’s episode of the podcast, I speak with Sonja Corbitt about the importance of discovering and using your Charisms.

Find what you want to hear

Get to know Sonja

[3:26] In this segment, we get to know a little about Sonja Corbitt and what her life looks like right now.

Defining vocation and charism

[5:00] Sonja explains the difference between vocation and charisms. She describes how we can engage with both in our spiritual life and how they both help us to live God’s call.

When people don’t use their charisms

[17:46] Here, Sonja and I discuss why it’s vital for the renewal of the church that all Christians find out how they can best use their gifts.

Discovering your charisms

[20:00] Sonja shares some tools to figure out your charisms and spiritual gifts. She also discusses here about how to deal with feeling obligated in ministry, especially when you feel like you may not be in the right place.

Ministry and family life

[31:15] In this segment, Sonja and I talk about ministry and family and roles in the home.

When you’re feeling stuck in the spiritual life

[38:58] Sonja encourages moms to focus on what God is calling them to and not what he’s calling other mothers to.

Connect with our guest and find resources discussed

  • Find Sonja online at her website
  • Catherine of Siena Institute for their Spiritual gifts inventory
  • To receive the free “Step-By-Step Guide to Working through Pop Quizzes and Your Identity in Christ” printable, along with weekly LOVE the Word® devotions that thousands of others are using to redeem their Mondays. 
  • Spiritual Consultations: If you’re sick of struggling, if you’re ready for freedom, take my hand, and let’s get started.

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