Episode 12: Permission to Parent Differently

On today’s episode of the podcast, my friend Angie from Kerygmatic Parenting shares about her parenting journey and how she models her parenting after the Gospel. She shares openly how she came to realize that her parenting is really about sharing the Gospel with our children in every interaction we have with them. I know you are going to be so inspired by her thoughts on parenting as a ministry!

I strongly belive that the souls in my home are my mission field. This is not just about teaching my kids how to tie their shoes, how to be able to balance a checkbook someday…this is the call of every parent…I just want to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to my children.

Angie of Kerygmatic Parenting

Find what you want to hear

Get to know Angie

[2:45] In this segment, we get to know a little about Angie and what motherhood and ministry look like in this season.

Defining parenting styles

[8:08] Angie and I break down the various parenting styles. We talk about the four primary styles of parenting: Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, Neglectful.

Explaining Gentle Parenting

[18:40] Here, we define Gentle Parenting, discuss some of its other names, and share our experience. We also discuss how our understanding of the human person informs our desire to parent in this way.

Kerygmatic Parenting

[24:48] In this segment, Angie explains why she came up with a name for her parenting style and defines Kerygmatic Parenting.

The Kerygma is the initial proclaimation of the Gospel…I want to be that herald of the Good News to my kids where they can say, “the first time I ever encountered Christ was through my parents. I heard the Good News and I saw it lived out in my parents, in their very life.”

Angie W

Why it all matters

[28:24] In this segment, Angie shares why she believes it really matters how we parent. She discusses that the goal of catechesis is to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ. How we interact with our children is part of that process of evangelization.

St. John Bosco and his inspiration

[36:00] St. John Bosco was a huge inspiration to Angie in her ministry and in her parenting. Here, she shares how his philosophy of Catechesis influenced her parenting.

When you feel unsupported

[41:53] Some families who choose to parent differently than those around them struggle at times to find support. They may feel discouraged in their efforts, especially when things are tough. Angie shares some words of encouragement for moms who are trying to parent this way and who are finding it hard. I also reference my episode with Michaela Darr on Virtue-Based Parenting.

Favorite resources

[51:16] Here, Angie shares some of her favorite parenting books and resources that she has used through the years. Take a look below for links to her favorite books!

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