Episode 11: Permission to Grieve your Miscarried Children

On today’s episode of the podcast, I have Marie Hanson from Seeking Sainthood. She comes on the show today to share why mothers of miscarried children should give themselves permission to grieve their loss even if others don’t understand. It’s a beautiful conversation about the gift of life!

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Get to know Marie

[3:00] In this segment, get to know Marie Hanson and her work over at Seeking Sainthood.

Marie is a Catholic writer and speaker who, in addition to teaching, coaches and mentors women in their faith and fertility journeys. Together with her husband, they speak and write on dating, marriage, natural family planning, and fertility. She is the host of “The Catholic Woman Podcast” and reaches thousands of young Catholics across the globe.

Experiencing the grief of miscarriage

[7:40] Here, Marie shares a little about her experience with grieving her miscarried children. We discuss why women need permission to grieve miscarried children.

Ways to suppport women after a miscarriage

[13:00] Marie talks about what helped her through her miscarriage. We also discuss the hope that can be found in grief, as well.

Resources for grieving mothers

[21:10] Here, Marie shares some of her tips for processing grief. And, she spends some time sharing tips for the friend of a grieving mom.

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